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Our team is diverse in background and life experience. Our professional experience equips us with a substantial foundation of financial knowledge. Our personal stories uniquely equip us to serve and understand you. To us, you are much more than just a name and set of numbers on a page. At the heart of our professional services are the relationships that we work hard to build with each of our clients. We cultivate personal connections with our clients and recognize that each one has an important, unique story. Here are some of ours.

In addition to the bio snippets below, you can click to see the full profile for a few of our female team members to read more about their professional qualifications and life experiences.

Michelle P. Cooper, JD, MBA

Partner & Director of Women, Wealth & Wellness

Professional experience: Michelle P. Cooper is the Director and Co-founder of XML-W, a division of XML Financial Group which focuses on the planning and financial needs of women at all stages of their lives....

Her story: At the young age of 36 my life took an unexpected turn. I was thriving in my career, a new mother to twins and happily married. Then, in an instant my world was turned upside down when my husband of eight years unexpectedly passed away.   I became a single parent overnight and was left to juggle the demands of raising my children and working full time....

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Noorjahan Enayat, CFP®

Executive Financial Consultant

Professional experience: “Noory” has been in the financial services industry since 2008. Her focus is on financial planning and maintaining the client-advisor relationship and communication flow...

Her story: Women today want the independence and freedom that comes with financial security, as do I. My mother wanted the same for me in immigrating to the US so that I could have better opportunities for the future. I benefited from this experience and was given the tools to overcome adversity time and again through a strong and supportive community of people dedicated to helping each other…...

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Judith M. Tiktin, CPA

Financial Consultant

Professional experience: Judith Tiktin is a Financial Consultant and joined XML Financial Group in 2009 in order to enhance the services available to her clients. She has also been a CPA in private practice since 1991...

Her story: Initially as a divorced woman I was unsure of my own financial future. Good planning has enabled me to prosper, owning multiple properties and other sound investments, giving me a secure feeling as I approach my later years. The most amazing lesson I learned in my own CPA practice was how fearful the vast majority of my clients seemed to be about money management. That realization is what piqued my interest in becoming a financial advisor...

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Susan A. Harpe

Director of Operations

Professional experience: Susan Harpe has been in the financial services industry since 1983. She serves in the capacity of Director of Operations, managing the day-to-day office functions and projects, as well as helping ensure the organization is in compliance with securities regulations....

Her story: “You have lymphoma.” That’s the shocking news I received on Friday, December 30th, 2016. It took another three weeks to find out what type of lymphoma I had, of which there are many., A week later I was in the hospital receiving my first chemo treatment....

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Stacey Lee

Operations Associate

Professional experience: Stacey Lee has been in the financial services industry since 2000. Stacey’s responsibilities include support of the Financial Consultants and client customer service...

Her story: I have overcome many adversities in my life so far, many of these challenges and obstacles include coming to America at an early age, where I faced both cultural and language barriers. Along the way I have also faced jumping into the role of a mother at an early age, getting married and divorced, raising two kids on my own, and working two jobs to make ends meet...

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Gina M. Neild

Administrative Associate

Professional experience: Gina Neild joined the finance industry in 1987, and she joined XML Financial Group as in 2005. She performs administrative and office support activities...

Her story: In the evening of Monday August 29th, I was once again woken by a pain across my chest, this time it felt like I had a Mack Truck on my chest, I had pain down both arms, nausea and was in a full sweat. I knew instantly I was having a heart attack...

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Natalie Gosselin

Operations Associate

Her Story A little about my background. I have always had a strong work ethic this coming from my parents. I was the first person in my family to go to finish college. While I was in High School my parents separated but to this day they are friends. Their continued positive effort and kindness towards each other is humbling. While this circumstance is unusual it has shaped the way I live my life to be kind and compassionate. I went on to finish college and pursue a career in finance. I met my husband through a family friend and...

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Janine Gonzaga

Operations Associate

Her Story As a child my father did a great job of teaching me about and getting me excited about finances. I started babysitting at the age of 11 and from there I didn’t stop working, or saving.  During high school and college I moved through lifeguarding, onto waitressing and working at the golf course. I purchased a car at 16 and my first piece of real estate at 19. I was my own off-campus landlord. I felt financially confident and strong! After college I made my way up to the DC area. I joined some of my college buddies...

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